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M.A waiting list

Fee to be collected by the students by 9-08-2017 before 4:00p.m.

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  Dated: 08/08/2017
122/10/2018M.A.1st september 2018
222/10/2018M.A.1st attendance august 2018
322/10/2018disaster mgt - aug and september 2018 attendance
422/10/2018homeland security attendance for the month august and september 2018
522/10/2018attendance for the month of september M.A.3rd semester 2017-18
603/10/2018Special lecture by Col. Gursewak Singh on the topic Personality Development Body Language and Art of Interview on 04-10-2018 at 1100 hrs
728/09/2018Celebration " Surgical Strike day" on 29-09-2018 at 1100 hrs
821/08/2018list of selected candidates from general waiting list 2018-19
914/08/2018second counselling of One Year P G diploma in Homeland Security
1006/08/2018third waiting list M.A.defnce Studies 2018-19
1106/08/2018One day conference on MANTHAN RASHTRIYA SURAKSHA on 07-08-2018
1204/08/2018selected waiting list m.a. defence studies 2017-18
1303/08/2018selected candidates from general waiting list of Defence Studies 2018-19
1402/08/2018M.A. Defence studies general category waiting list 2018-19
1501/08/2018waiting list Homeland Security 2018-19
1601/08/2018waiting list Disaster Management 2018-19
1731/07/2018list of selected candidates Defene Studies
1828/07/2018List of selected candidates for PG diploma in Homeland Security 2018-19
1928/07/2018List of selected candidates for PG diploma in disaster management & Security 2018-19
2020/07/2018provisional list of masters course
2116/07/2018tentative merit list for P.G.Diploma in Homeland Security 2018-19
2216/07/2018tentative merit list for P.G.Diploma in Disaster Management 2018-19
2316/07/2018revised counselling schedule for Master course 2018-19
2428/06/2018counselling schedule for P.G.Diploma in Disaster Management and Homeland Security 2018-19
2526/06/2018counselling schedule for masters course 2018-19
2626/06/2018 ongoing classes from 9th july 2018for 3rd semester
2710/05/2018revised attendance April 2018
2817/04/2018attendance for the month of March 2018
2926/03/2018attendance for the month of feb 2018
3005/03/2018attendance M.A.2nd semester 2018
3105/03/2018attendance M.A.4th semester January 2018
3205/03/2018attendacne for the month of january 2018 disasstser Mgt
3326/02/2018two day seminar on 27th -28th feb 2018
3406/02/2018Emerging Geo-Strategic Manifestations In Pakistan Implications for India
3506/02/2018Emerging Geo-Strategic Manifestations In Pakistan Implications for India
3602/02/2018advertisement of guest faculty 2017-18
3727/11/2017attendance disaster Management
3827/11/2017attendance M.A.3rd semester 2017
3927/11/2017attendance M.A.1st for for the month october
4023/10/2017disaster Managementseptember attendance 2017
4123/10/2017september attendace M.A 1st 2017
4223/10/2017september attendance M.A.3rd
4325/09/2017M.A 3rd sem August attendance 2017
4425/09/2017august attendance disaster Management
4525/09/2017M.A.1st August 2017
4614/09/2017revised attendance m.a. 3rd sem 2016-17
4713/09/2017attendance m.a. 3rd semester july 2017
4812/09/2017on the spot quotations for the purchase of Split/Window Air conditioners and Inverter
4930/08/2017Admission form of M.Phil
5005/08/2017MA waiting list
5102/08/2017list of selected candidates One Year P.G. Diploma in Disaster Mgt & Security 2017-18
5202/08/2017list of selected candidates One year P.G. Diploma in Homeland Security 2017-18
5302/08/2017list of selected and waiting candidates Master course 2017-18
5414/07/2017revised counselings schedule for Masters Course
5514/07/2017revised counselings schedule for One Year P.G. Diploma in Homeland Security & Disaster Management & Security
5606/07/2017counselling shedule for One-Year P.G. Diploma in Homeland Security and Disaster Management & Security
5706/07/2017counselling shedule for Masters Course
5821/06/2017List of Publishers
6002/06/2017Pre-Ph.D coursework syllabi
6101/06/2017Round Table discussion on " J& K- The Way Forward
6218/04/2017Attendance of MA 2nd and 4th sem
6318/04/2017attendance of P.G. Diplomas
6415/03/2017Attendance February 2017
6514/02/2017attendance jan 2017
6624/01/2017SAC Committee of DDNSS
6718/07/2016waiting list of all category 2016-17
6818/07/2016General category waiting list 2016-17
6917/07/2016List of provisionally selected candidates for M.A 1st DDNSS 2016-17
7013/07/2016Provisional admission to M.A. 3rd semester
7113/07/2016tentative combined merit list of all candidates
7207/07/2016Counselling shedule for Masters Course
7305/07/2016Regarding penidng documents
7405/07/2016Counselling shedule for Masters Course
7522/01/2016Advertisement for two guest faculty
7613/01/2016Emerging Security Scenario in AF-Pak Region: Implications for India
7811/07/2015counselling for diploma courses ( Homeland Security and Disaster Management & Security
7917/06/2015Counselling dates for Masters course

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