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Celebration " Surgical Strike day" on 29-09-2018 at 1100 hrs



The department is organizing a special lecture by Maj. Gen. Amarjit Singh (Retd.) on the theme “Role of Armed Forces in Nation Building” followed by the screening of a documentary on Indian Armed Forces on the occasion of celebration of “Surgical Strike Day” on 29th September, 2018 in the Seminar hall of the Department of Police Administration, P.U. Chandigarh at 1100 hrs.

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  Dated: 28/09/2018
122/10/2018M.A.1st september 2018
222/10/2018M.A.1st attendance august 2018
322/10/2018disaster mgt - aug and september 2018 attendance
422/10/2018homeland security attendance for the month august and september 2018
522/10/2018attendance for the month of september M.A.3rd semester 2017-18
603/10/2018Special lecture by Col. Gursewak Singh on the topic Personality Development Body Language and Art of Interview on 04-10-2018 at 1100 hrs
721/08/2018list of selected candidates from general waiting list 2018-19
814/08/2018second counselling of One Year P G diploma in Homeland Security
906/08/2018third waiting list M.A.defnce Studies 2018-19
1006/08/2018One day conference on MANTHAN RASHTRIYA SURAKSHA on 07-08-2018
1104/08/2018selected waiting list m.a. defence studies 2017-18
1203/08/2018selected candidates from general waiting list of Defence Studies 2018-19
1302/08/2018M.A. Defence studies general category waiting list 2018-19
1401/08/2018waiting list Homeland Security 2018-19
1501/08/2018waiting list Disaster Management 2018-19
1631/07/2018list of selected candidates Defene Studies
1728/07/2018List of selected candidates for PG diploma in Homeland Security 2018-19
1828/07/2018List of selected candidates for PG diploma in disaster management & Security 2018-19
1920/07/2018provisional list of masters course
2016/07/2018tentative merit list for P.G.Diploma in Homeland Security 2018-19
2116/07/2018tentative merit list for P.G.Diploma in Disaster Management 2018-19
2216/07/2018revised counselling schedule for Master course 2018-19
2328/06/2018counselling schedule for P.G.Diploma in Disaster Management and Homeland Security 2018-19
2426/06/2018counselling schedule for masters course 2018-19
2526/06/2018 ongoing classes from 9th july 2018for 3rd semester
2610/05/2018revised attendance April 2018
2717/04/2018attendance for the month of March 2018
2826/03/2018attendance for the month of feb 2018
2905/03/2018attendance M.A.2nd semester 2018
3005/03/2018attendance M.A.4th semester January 2018
3105/03/2018attendacne for the month of january 2018 disasstser Mgt
3226/02/2018two day seminar on 27th -28th feb 2018
3306/02/2018Emerging Geo-Strategic Manifestations In Pakistan Implications for India
3406/02/2018Emerging Geo-Strategic Manifestations In Pakistan Implications for India
3502/02/2018advertisement of guest faculty 2017-18
3627/11/2017attendance disaster Management
3727/11/2017attendance M.A.3rd semester 2017
3827/11/2017attendance M.A.1st for for the month october
3923/10/2017disaster Managementseptember attendance 2017
4023/10/2017september attendace M.A 1st 2017
4123/10/2017september attendance M.A.3rd
4225/09/2017M.A 3rd sem August attendance 2017
4325/09/2017august attendance disaster Management
4425/09/2017M.A.1st August 2017
4514/09/2017revised attendance m.a. 3rd sem 2016-17
4613/09/2017attendance m.a. 3rd semester july 2017
4712/09/2017on the spot quotations for the purchase of Split/Window Air conditioners and Inverter
4830/08/2017Admission form of M.Phil
4908/08/2017 M.A waiting list
5005/08/2017MA waiting list
5102/08/2017list of selected candidates One Year P.G. Diploma in Disaster Mgt & Security 2017-18
5202/08/2017list of selected candidates One year P.G. Diploma in Homeland Security 2017-18
5302/08/2017list of selected and waiting candidates Master course 2017-18
5414/07/2017revised counselings schedule for Masters Course
5514/07/2017revised counselings schedule for One Year P.G. Diploma in Homeland Security & Disaster Management & Security
5606/07/2017counselling shedule for One-Year P.G. Diploma in Homeland Security and Disaster Management & Security
5706/07/2017counselling shedule for Masters Course
5821/06/2017List of Publishers
6002/06/2017Pre-Ph.D coursework syllabi
6101/06/2017Round Table discussion on " J& K- The Way Forward
6218/04/2017Attendance of MA 2nd and 4th sem
6318/04/2017attendance of P.G. Diplomas
6415/03/2017Attendance February 2017
6514/02/2017attendance jan 2017
6624/01/2017SAC Committee of DDNSS
6718/07/2016waiting list of all category 2016-17
6818/07/2016General category waiting list 2016-17
6917/07/2016List of provisionally selected candidates for M.A 1st DDNSS 2016-17
7013/07/2016Provisional admission to M.A. 3rd semester
7113/07/2016tentative combined merit list of all candidates
7207/07/2016Counselling shedule for Masters Course
7305/07/2016Regarding penidng documents
7405/07/2016Counselling shedule for Masters Course
7522/01/2016Advertisement for two guest faculty
7613/01/2016Emerging Security Scenario in AF-Pak Region: Implications for India
7811/07/2015counselling for diploma courses ( Homeland Security and Disaster Management & Security
7917/06/2015Counselling dates for Masters course

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